Mindfulness & Meditation for Better Engagement and Customer Experience

Peter PsichogiosCustomer Experience, Leadership, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

It seems like mindfulness and meditation have become a much larger part of the mainstream discourse nowadays. People are looking for an outlet to cope with stress and anxiety, but also to make space and time to reflect and for creativity to flow.

I believe mindfulness and meditation are extremely beneficial for leaders and employees, and integrating these concepts and philosophies into your employee wellness programs and company culture could offer you and your employees great benefits.

Some benefits of mindfulness in the workplace include:

Self-control.  This can be a benefit when dealing with both colleagues and customers.  Sometimes people may say or do things you do not agree with, but when you practice mindfulness it gives you a calm, peacefulness to return to when things feel out of control.

Improved concentration.  When your employees and leaders can focus better on their work, your organization will be more productive, and your customers will be pleased by how clear and prompt their service is.

Mental clarity. Having increased mental clarity gives employees better ability to make good decisions efficiently, which keeps your processes flowing better, and again, makes for better, more efficient and effective customer service.

Emotional intelligence and empathy.  Those with higher emotional intelligence are better able to connect with their colleagues and customers and understand their needs.  They are also able to better put themselves in someone else’s shoes, and assess situations with empathy and compassion for other perspectives, with makes for better relationships, communication and service outcomes.

When you use mindfulness practice in your employee and customer interactions you can better gauge how to personalize your interactions with them as individuals.  When you are present in your interactions with customers and colleagues, it gives you the ability to better read situations quickly and adjust your response and reaction accordingly.  This will make for better customer and employee outcomes.

 What benefits have you seen in both your personal and professional life from practicing mindfulness? Share in the comments below!