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Peer-to-peer Recognition

Customizable Programs

Every business has a unique engagement formula, so our services are dynamic and fully customizable.
Spot Cards

Concierge Service

Enjoy a hassle-free, seamless experience, as our team handles every program detail for administrators and end users.
Global delivery

Global Delivery

GES’s global rewards are fulfilled in country in over 170 countries across the world! This allows for culturally relevant rewards and saves on shipping, tariffs and taxes.
Mobile integration

Mobile Integration

Our seamless mobile integration allows leaders & peers to recognize, reward and redeem in the moment and on the go from the convenience of any mobile device.
Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Our reward programs are specifically designed to fit all of your employee recognition and engagement needs, as well as your budget.

Unlimited reward options

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Every employee is different. Some may redeem smaller items right away, while others save for big-ticket items. Let your talent redeem what they want, when they want by providing your workforce with virtually unlimited reward options.


Unlimited reward options

Concierge Service

We have a passion for creating exceptional customer experiences. To make this happen, we take care of every program detail for both the administrator and end user. A dedicated concierge will assist program managers and employees every aspect of the program from personal shopping, tracking, fulfillment, utilization, reporting, support, and more!

Recognize & Engage

or risk losing irreplaceable talent

Together, let's create a custom recognition & engagement solution that fits into your unique business culture and budget.


Your Solution

is completely customized & personalized

SOLUTION OPTIONS DESIGNED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS: Peer to Peer Recognition | Spot Cards | Leaderboards Social Recognition | Reporting | Surveys | Learning Point Manager | Budget Manager | Badging Birthday Awards | Service Anniversary

Our rewards programs are specifically designed to fit all of your employee recognition and engagement needs, as well as your budget


the Importance of Employee Engagement in Your Organization

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