Employee Recognition Challenges

When a company culture fails to consider employee engagement and recognition, the adverse effects are felt from top to bottom in the organizational chain. The challenges associated with a comprehensive employee recognition program are extensive, but most commonly include:

Employee Disengagement

Employee Disengagement

Disengaged employees aren't invested in the betterment of their employer – they clock in, clock out, and collect their checks. And unfortunately, if you fail to recognize employee disengagement, it will spread through your organization like wildfire. Productivity plummets, attention to detail disappears, accountability suffers, and, possibly worst of all, your customers will suffer.

Maybe you already have an existing employee recognition program but lack follow-through and consistency. Maybe you don't have one and want one but aren't sure how to begin. Either way, you probably have good intentions, but that's not enough – employee engagement starts at the top, so you have to be proactive.


Your company's industry dictates your safety needs, many of which are supported by national regulatory bodies, such as OSHA. No matter what your safety needs are, however, safety incidents chip away at your bottom line and workplace accidents can sink your company.

Just a single incident can put your entire team in jeopardy. A safety program supported by a recognition program is crucial to driving results.

Absenteeism & Turnover

Absenteeism & Turnover

If your company struggles to retain employees or can't depend on employee attendance, it's likely that the issue goes beyond hiring. Absenteeism & high turnover could be symptoms of employee disengagement. In addition to examining your hiring structure, where you acquire talent, and which qualifications you seek in candidates, it’s equally important to explore your company culture and how employees are recognized, trained, and fit into that company culture.

Not including vacation time, the average employee spends more than 2,000 hours per year at work. After you attain top talent, it’s crucial to retain top talent by encouraging a company culture where employees feel heard and believe that their contributions matter.


Attract, engage, and retain your employees with our onboarding solutions.

Onboarding doesn’t end after the first day. We create solutions to engage and retain your talent by recognizing them at key milestones, keeping them engaged, and gathering feedback throughout their first year.

Our onboarding tools not only encourage interactions that foster employee growth, they also create exceptional experiences that make employees want to stay at your company. Engage your employees by including them in company-wide programs from the start!

  • Allow your new hires to recognize their peers to encourage connection and alignment with other employees
  • Maintain interaction by recognizing key retention milestones
  • Stay connected and receive feedback through surveys

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