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Our P3 methodology is based on a straightforward, common-sense approach that aligns learning and recognition.

Chances are your recognition strategy involves using portals, products, and points to incentivize people to work better. Right?

Wouldn’t equipping people with the right skills to help them work better?

Imagine if everyone in your organization knew the 3 most important skills and behaviors needed to thrive culturally and financially. Imagine if everyone in your organization performed these 3 skills and behaviors exceptionally well.

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Our P3 Methodology

Updating key skills is one of the most important personal productivity principles of all. The more people learn, the more confident and motivated they feel.

GES’s Chief Experience Officer, Pete Psichogios works with EVERY SINGLE client, helping you to:

  • Strategically identify the 3 common sense customer service and sales skills your organization needs
  • Design a custom learning & recognition program focused on those 3 success factors

Our P3 methodology means everyone in your organization:


Knows and performs your 3 success factors exceptionally well


Knows they will be measured


Knows they will be
recognized and rewarded

It makes common sense, right? With our P3 methodology, learning and recognizing is a process everyone buys into, NOT an optional activity.
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We all know optional activities don’t get done.

Unlike other employee engagement providers, GES’s senior team spends 10x the effort ensuring your program turns into a process, not something with a beginning and end. Once launched our focus only intensifies to ensure your learning and recognition goals are met, measured, and rewarded.

How we do it

The P3 methodology activates learning, boosts participation and creates consequences.

We work collaboratively with you to:


Develop a custom P3 microlearning skills program


Equip leaders with easy P3 tools to recognize and reward these
skills & behaviors


Build consequences into your leaders’ performance, incentive, and compensation plans

This methodology is radically different from other employee engagement providers.

We align customer service and sales training with recognition practices so your people are more confident, productive, and motivated to perform… and that’s fun for everyone.

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