What it is like to work with us

Rachel Russotto


Rachel’s experience spans over two decades implementing global learning and recognition software with some of the world’s leading organizations. Rachel has been at the intersection of learning and talent management when it has most mattered. She has worked with some of the industry’s leading subject matter experts and creates raving fans with her colleagues and always with her customers.

She has been a key partner in establishing long-term relationships with our customers including DR Horton, BMW, KraftFoods, Caterpillar, Principle Financial, Red Hat, and MetLife. Rachel leads a global, networked team of engagement, learning, and customer service professionals that serve over 185 countries.

She has been involved in implementations in over 20 languages on five continents.

Unanimously her clients and colleagues say she is one of the most friendly, service orientated passionate female leaders they have been fortunate to work with.

Pete Psichogios

Chief Experience Officer

Peter brings three decades of HR background helping some of the fastest-growing companies and some of the most iconic global brands improve their experiences, performance, and productivity.

The first fifteen years of his Human Resource and Learning career was spent working directly with Dr. Ken Blanchard, sparking a management revolution and a focus on the employee experience and managers providing timely recognition. He then left to create his own consulting company working with sales and motivational leaders such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer, and others. Peter went on to create TrainOne with Jeffrey Gitomer designing award-winning and industry-leading sales and customer service learning.

Almost everyone who interacts with Peter asks the same question; Are you always this passionate? The answer is, Yes!

This passion has led to authoring and designing the Creating Raving Fans Training and Assessment suite, as well as writing Leading from the Front Lines and The Seven Principles of Personalization. In addition, he has co-authored the blended learning programs Yes! Attitude and Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless. He has also written sales and leadership assessments for the pharmaceutical, restaurant, and hospitality industries that are still the gold standard today.

The one consistent thing over the past 30 years Peter has helped each and every client do is take the ridiculously complex and the difficult and design a simple and elegant solution.

Peter has been fortunate to receive personal coaching, mentoring, and training from some of the world’s most influential thought leaders including Dr. Ken Blanchard, Richard Boyatzis, Dr. Donald Carew, Dr. Paul Hersey, Dr. Morris Massey, Dr. Michael O’Conner, Norman Vincent Peale, Tom Peters, and others.

When Peter is not focused on our customers’ experiences, he is recreating with his family hiking, mountaineering, fishing, skiing, golfing, and exploring the frontier he and his family call home, Alaska.

What Pete Psichogios does for our clients and what he will commit to do with you:

  • First and foremost, tell you the truth.

  • He has ruthless focus on what makes sense for your employees and those they serve.

  • He removes the BS from the behavioral sciences.

  • He is passionate to the point of being obsessive to make sure HR is strategic.

  • He helps make common sense common practice by delivering concise learning, inspirational recognition and clear goals.

  • He mentors the teams that look after our clients and guarantees they have enough autonomy and authority to create a raving fan out of you, too.

  • He stands by and guarantees our team’s work. If it ever waivers from you being delighted, he is the one throat to choke.

  • He is a both/and not an either/or thinker and approaches everything from a win-win mentality.

Our clients feel:

  • working with the same team over years and decades enriches the process
  • it becomes a blur between our team and their team; It becomes a “we” team
  • our team truly enjoys working with one another
  • we are so responsive they ask us if we ever sleep
happy clients
people working  in an office

Our clients tell us:

  • their employees love the easy to use P3 Platform and their CFO wants to hug us
  • we help get them a seat at the table, even if it meant bringing our own chair
  • we support a distributed work force by creating inclusion and line of sight to what is most important which helps drive productivity and profitability
  • they like the ability to personalize the P3 Platform and like that the platform is continuously improving
  • they like that our team takes all the minutia and heavy lifting off of their team’s plate so they can focus on what is most important; their people, performance and productivity
  • our valuable advice often includes recommendations of things to stop or not do based on our expertise
  • they value the fact we help them not pollute their winner’s circle

Our clients appreciate:

  • we are truly global and always culturally relevant
  • the excellent organizational guidance focusing on what is most impactful
  • the P3 Platform integrates learning and total recognition / rewards all in one easy to use portal
smiling people