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Leader Engagement

Leader Engagement.

We help you strategize, design and build your engagement platform, including communications, insight and analysis.

As one of our valued clients, our solutions will allow you to: build an emotional connection with your employees, increase engagement levels, attract and retain the best employees for your business, help your organization improve its bottom line, and provide skills that make your team more valuable.

Employee Engagement.

Put your team at the center of recognition and let them choose their own rewards from our extensive, global online gallery. Customizable and scalable, our points-based program is simple to manage with an online portal you can access anywhere, at any time.

You choose the performance, service, sales and behavioral metrics you want to recognize and reward. Comprehensive reports help track points and redemption rates, helping you understand what really motivates your team and providing insight on return of investment.

Keeping employees engaged with the program is easy thanks to peer-to-peer nominations, social news feed and fun gamification elements.

Employee Engagement
Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement.

You need to influence, motivate and engage your customers to create sustained loyalty.

With GES as your partner you will get the best tools and team to identify key drivers to build a culture of loyalty with your customer base.

Our points-based system lets customers choose their own reward from top brand names, products and services, event tickets and experiences. Create positive experiences, and achieve long-term loyalty.

With our comprehensive real-time reports you can measure ROI, understand what drives your customers and collect information to get closer to them. You can also conduct customer surveys to gather new insights and influence change.

Sales Partner Engagement.

We specialize in motivating your salespeople to achieve their goals, maximize cross-selling opportunities and increase lead-referrals, all while reinforcing desired positive behaviors.

Our global, points-based sales incentive process can be customized to your business. It can be used anywhere in the world through a web-enabled device and is available in 16 different languages.

With built-in leaderboards and the latest in gamification, it’s easy to give high-performing sales teams the recognition they desire. Your sales team gets to choose their own rewards from our extensive Rewards Gallery.

Managing the ROI and tracking engagement and motivation is made simple with our real-time reporting. Three clicks of the mouse and you'll have all the data you require.

Sales Partner Engagement

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