Why an Employee Recognition Solution is Crucial

Think about what you believe your customers AND employees are saying about your organization. If you’re uncertain of the answer or your mind goes
straight to negativity, you’re in the right place.

A Solutions for Your Challenge

While employee recognition isn’t a new topic, the business climate is warming to the correlation between the rewards of recognizing an employee’s efforts and a positive organizational culture. How employees prefer to be recognized varies, but what doesn’t vary is their need to feel appreciated and valued. Legacy employee recognition programs typically only celebrate employees on their flagship work anniversaries – but legacy employee recognition programs are broken.

If your employees always feel underappreciated, your problems will go deeper than poor engagement – you’ll face high turnover, repeated absenteeism, and shrinkage (just to name a few). Worse, your customers will feel the effects of a workplace in turmoil, which will eat away at your profits and bottom line.

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It's Never Too Late to Start Fresh

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a recognition program at all, if you’ve been creating a program as you go, or if your current recognition is ineffective – it’s never too late to improve.

A solid recognition program stems from the top, with a leadership and executive team that understands the importance of an engaged, recognized, and cohesive team. The importance of executive buy-in is crucial – there’s no wiggle room.

Only 28% of employees say they receive feedback a few times a year, while 19% say they receive feedback once a year or less. Implementing and embracing a recognition platform is half the battle; leading by example wins the war – and we’re here to help you win the war.

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