Our Solution to
Global Learning

At Global Engagement Solutions, we understand that employee recognition and engagement are pieces of the puzzle, but that embracing an organizational culture of developmental training and learning is equally important.

Our proven Global Learning system offers eLearning layered over time, helping employees retain knowledge while avoiding information overload. We keep our lessons short and succinct and deliver the necessary content without the fluff.

Legacy learning, training, and development plans focus on the content, but our system is structured with action planning, reinforcement, and accountability, so your employees implement what they learn into their daily work.

And our impact stretches far beyond North America.

Today’s business culture is without borders, so we produce personalized learning for every industry on every continent in every learner’s native language.

global learning program completion

Our Learning Design

Our Layered Learning takes micro-learning a step further to focus on action planning, reinforcement and accountability.


A quick assessment of your knowledge and awareness on the topic area.


Engaging content and competencies delivered in short interactive video segments.


An opportunity to practice, drill and rehearse the skills and competencies.


An opportunity to re-assess knowledge and awareness on the topic area.


Application focused exercises for you to implement & discuss during your leadership meetings.

Each learner receives a series of customized modules with weekly activities and assignments to
reinforce their learning. They create an action plan about how they will transfer their
learning into the workplace and this action plan is emailed to their supervisor.

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