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Workplace culture is in a state of disruption – organizations are embracing remote workers and non-traditional hours, shifts that can create unrest in an organization, leaving employees feeling left out, unappreciated, and undervalued. Legacy and pieced-together recognition and engagement systems have no place in this modern workplace.

Statistics Don't Lie

It’s a known fact that only 33% of employees are engaged in their jobs, and with that number including employees at small, medium, and enterprise companies, it shows it’s not a business problem – it’s a business culture problem.

The effects of employee disengagement are often due to low or no employee recognition and can wreak havoc in your organization; a recent report indicated that disengaged employees cost the United States between $450 and $550 billion each year.

engagement and recognition leads to:

There is an Upside

As with any challenge, there is a solution. Here at Global Engagement Solutions, our job is to help your company operate at optimum performance with a total reward platform that rewards your employees for their hard work, celebrates their work anniversaries, and offers team building with valuable peer-to-peer and social recognition.

We manage all the components of your total reward program so you have more time to do what’s most important – growth-driving activities.

Why is Recognition Important?

Here’s why creating a culture of engagement and recognition within your organization is crucial.

Organizations with a culture of engagement and recognition enjoy 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales, and 21% higher profitability.

Becoming a more engaged organization by recognizing your employees will also lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention – happy employees treat customers better, and well-treated customers are more loyal.

We’re here as your partner to ensure your employees are recognized for the contributions they make to building your organizational foundation while also providing education and learning that will allow everyone to focus on what’s important – your company.

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