WL Gore

Managing by Values, Family Values, Family transition of a private company, Customer service, relationship training, consulting

This is a good illustration of personal Situational Leadership specific to me. It shows you I can be highly competent (running the Blanchard business as a D4) and at the same time a D1 or D2 in other thematic or content areas. If I was treated the same by my managers (Ken & Marjorie) I would be guaranteed to fail. Because I was at the home of SitLead we practiced what we taught. I was given different leadership styles and developed differently depending on my content or thematic area. This enabled me to reach mastery at all of them because I was developed situationally. I have then learned to apply these certifications and mastery of the content areas situationally in our P3 implementations at GES as I also did at TrainOne and Blanchard Solutions Group.