MetPath was one of my first customer loyalty programs I was running on my own. MetPath was a New York based pathology lab that wanted to improve their service as they were seen as slow, unresponsive and hard to get a hold of.

We created a customized Managing Customer Relationships / Legendary Service process that focused first on senior leaders committing to removing obstacles and removing policies that have outlived their useful purpose. We then instituted an organization-wide service recognition program that recognized and rewarded the new service behaviors. The program also rewarded positive stories as a result of creating exceptional experiences.

Over three years we worked intensely with leaders to transform their culture from one of being hierarchical “yell and tell”, to a culture of service leadership, a culture of recognition, and a culture of empowerment. This shift in culture also transformed their business results, moving their customer satisfaction ratings from 58% to a world-class 94% top box scores.

In addition, their market share grew by a compounded rate of 34% over the three-year period. As a result of the culture transformation and their business turn around they were acquired by Quest Diagnostics.

We approached Quest Diagnostics to install a service leadership recognition system. They went with a competitor and spent millions with Achievers and ended up with nothing to show for it but overpriced product. Quest Diagnostics had to pay for consultative meetings and a minimum spend they had to invest even though the program wasn’t producing a business result. It is unfortunate as we feel we could have transformed Quest.

This further demonstrates without a P3 process, recognition not anchored in service or leadership behaviors becomes an accelerated way of not making a difference.

The only person who won was Achievers.