Ferrari Carrano

(El Dorado Casinos in Reno)

Worked with the owner Don Carrano and started our process with his wineries. He wanted to create a high-end service experience so he adopted the legendary service philosophy.

We worked a multi-year process first at the wineries starting with all leaders, setting service standard and recovery process as well as a vision of perfection.

We then cascaded this down to frontline staff. The front line staff radically improved their service experiences generating annual increases 15%, 17% and 19% consecutive sales growth with profit increasing double digits, turn over going to almost zero while creating positive word of mouth in the industry and as well as industry trade press.
Based on this success, senior leadership brought us into all their casinos, retail and restaurants in each applicable property. This multi-year in depth process resulted in a total cultural transformation and an inside-out service philosophy that created a competitive advantage for decades in their ability to recruit, retain and grow their because of bench strength focusing only on the critical few.

Their employee engagement scores were literally perfect as employees created the change and ultimately the accountability and reward systems. Interestingly, the front line set way higher goals than senior leadership ever did. These fundamentals are still in place today.