I worked with Bob Small who is a Legend in Hospitality. Disneyland Resorts was trying to do the same process of the parks which was structured. People don’t have expectations of Pirates of Caribbean rides, they just want entertained. But, everyone has expectations in a hotel experience. By providing a structured experience in the hotels they were guaranteeing an unreliable outcome.

While using the same process of the parks they were guaranteeing a reliable outcome which was happy, magical guest. In a hotel an irritated customer with unique preferences didn’t want to be treated the same as everyone else. We taught them how to be flexible.
Developed up with TQM model. Teaching managers how to lead. The TQM model taught people where to put the measures. Measure the outcome.

Example, if you are GoodYear and your product is a tire, you want to decrease variability. You would put in measures on tread not having .003 variability.

In service you can’t measure the outcome because it hasn’t happened yet. In service, you can’t measure the outcome because it is produced and consumed simultaneously.

It is mutually created and experienced as it is being consumed.
Rick Tate and Gary Hyle ran behind the scenes parks training and hospitality training. Ken did leadership training at the senior level.

Leadership, Internal Service, TQM SQM SitLead, Executive Leadership. Strategic business partnership 10+ years