This was my first corporate university client, my first large-scale leadership client and ended up being a client for every day I was at Blanchard.

The program I designed with the head of leadership at AT&T trained over 45,000 leaders during the 14 years I worked with AT&T. The program ran for at least another decade after I left training approximately another 25,000 leaders worldwide.

Managing people and performance was the cornerstone for their leadership curriculum and impacted over 100,00 leaders and over 1mm front-line contributors that I developed.

Interestingly enough, I never met in person my biggest client, Ken Rasmandowski, in all the years we worked together and collaborated. We did all our business over the phone and fax.

We were the first company on the west coast to have a fax machine! It was like magic to me. I remember Ken, myself and Ken’s assistant Eleanor all huddled around the fax machine waiting for our first incoming order from AT&T. It was for $186,000 worth of leadership books, back in 1989.

The fax took something like 3 minutes to come in for the two pages. It was pretty exciting and felt like magic. Boy how things have changed!

You talk about socially distance over 15 years, I did it with AT&T.