I started with AOL when they had 84 employees. I personally worked leadership development and strategy with Steve Case and Ted Leonsis.

We developed a complete AOL University that started with executive leadership, senior management, mid-management, front line superfor training, customer service training, HPT, self-leadership and Raving Fans.

AOL adopted the Blanchard curriculum that was customized to their culture. As mentioned, when we started with them they had 84 people and we were with them as they grew went through the merger with Time Warner. Steve Case personally endorsed Blanchard Solutions Group and was a frequent referral of business as he felt we played a role in their ability to grow so fast both by creating a common vernacular but also creating tremendous leadership bench strength that enabled them to grow and have a consistent experience at such a rapid pace.

During this time with AOL we also did research with KPMG fellows on how to manage a two curve business. Meaning, how do you manage the present while inventing the future. This is now knowns as a pivot or extincting yourself, but it was an innovative new concept. We captured those learnings and combined them with research with KPMG to develop an implementation process and a book that was called Mission Possible. This was the first book that Ken ever co-authored that had a bibliography. I was instrumental in blending Kens’ and the Blanchard philosophy with KPMGs research on large-scale change and complex organizations.

The concept of managing the present while creating the future is one that can be applied to civilizations, countries, organizations, teams, families, and individuals.

Learning this skill is one common thread of every successful individual, team company or nation.

10+ years