The Deep Challenges of Global Learning

Whether your organization is expanding rapidly or already well established, now is the time to integrate a learning solution. Our clients come to us to create a Global Learning solution for many reasons, but here are the top three:

Inconsistent Training

If your employees don’t know how to do their jobs or don’t know what’s expected of them, you can’t expect them to perform well.

If you have multiple managers hosting employee training, your employees aren’t receiving consistent training, so your value proposition, core values, and need-to-know training points are possibly being missed. Your employees are on the front line of customer interaction, so if they’re mishandling or misinforming customers based on insufficient training, the blowback will cause an employee training fail.

Together we can create a consistent learning system that delivers the learning points and lessons important to your organization, empowering your employees to do their best based on self-created action plans.

Inconsistent Training
Inflated Training Costs

Inflated Training Costs

If your organization is in the growth phase, you’re probably hiring to fill the roles to meet demand, and if your HR team is conducting live training for new employees, you’re swimming in exorbitant travel costs – and missing training opportunities.

Training Drain

Non-stop training for a full day or week is neither effective nor efficient. After 30 minutes of learning, it’s human nature to “check out” – we don’t absorb any information after that. Then, without an action plan or review, we don’t retain information because it’s not reinforced. Sharing content or insight is only successful if it’s implemented and used, and if your employees aren’t retaining their lessons, they can’t use them on the front line.

Training Drain

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