Not Your Usual Case Studies

A showerhead.
A tie.

A $5M contract won and a $10M contract lost.

"I turned down a five million dollar contract and walked out of the boardroom and said, No thank you. Not until you shop yourself and try to return something. If you, the CEO, can’t return something how do you think it feels to be a customer?

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A relationship spanning 3 decades.

By his numbers, our process led to a $400 MM increase in sales! For the next 3 years, Cat Rental was the fastest growing and highest performing division in Caterpillar.

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Measure the outcome you want from people.

Then recognize and reward when they do it.

I was a blur between working for Glaxo, Nortel, AT&T, or Blanchard. No one really knew my client companies. They just knew I worked for people, performance and productivity.

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