Your Global Learners are Diverse, Why Isn’t Your Learning?

Peter PsichogiosLearning & Development, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

If you want to be a successful global organization you must understand, empathize and account for the diverse needs of your global workforce.  When addressing their global employees, most companies have eLearning and recognition programs with one blanket solution for every employee in every country.

However, employees have told us that these programs leave them feeling unengaged.  They reject these programs and consider them to be boring, long, and disrespectful since it has not been customized or made culturally relevant for them.  Instead, companies with global employees need to create Learning content that is spoken in the native language, delivered with cultural sensitivity and relevance, without voice overs or subtitles.

When it comes to global recognition, employees have told us that they want their rewards delivered in country with culturally relevant rewards. Doing this also benefits your organization because there are no tariffs and taxes on your employees rewards — when rewards are shipped and points are redeemed, it happens in the country of choice.

Another consideration global organizations need to consider for their global workforce is accessibility. Mobile capabilities are so important in this age of global technology, because not every worker always has access to a desktop computer, especially when you look at the statistics globally.  For example, with India, 4% of people have a computer, 95% have a tablet or a smartphone is key for global delivery.

In addition, employees and leaders are busy, and it’s costly to take them off the job for traditional training.  Mobile learning and employee engagement gives employees easy access to their organizational engagement portal 24/7 so they can engage with the platform when it’s convenient for them!   This also allows global organizations to deliver just-in-time training and education that can accelerate results.

Global organizations face unique challenges with learning and recognition, but when designed the right way, a personalized, in language, culturally relevant learning and recognition program can achieve significant results towards enabling your employees with skills and competencies in an accessible, understandable way, and engaging them with rewards and recognition that they value.

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