Your Customer Service is Only as Great as Your Internal Service

Peter PsichogiosCustomer Experience, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

It takes great internal service cooperation to provide seamless, flexible, hassle-free customer service.

Every person inside your organization impacts the customer experience, even those employees who do not have direct contact with your customers.  This is because whatever is happening on the inside of a company can be felt on the outside by the customers.  If your talent is not fast, flexible and hassle-free with each other, how can they behave differently for your customers?

If your internal service isn’t cooperative and seamless, you will not be able to provide an exceptional service for your customers externally.

Here a couple ways to have exceptional internal service:

  • Eliminate any outdated policies and procedures that used to make sense (but now get in the way).
  • Get their feedback.  Reward them for input that creates efficiencies and improves service delivery.
  • Have team building events that build camaraderie and generate ideas.
  • Enable your employees to recognize one another
  • Show them the company cares by making safety and wellness a priority.
  • Make them feel involved. Communicate openly and often with employees about where the company is, expectations and successes.
  • Have fun – this will create energy and motivation and make employees feel good about coming to work.
  • Reward and recognize your employees for exceptional service. Praise them publicly!

Remember, every person inside your organization impacts the customer experience, customer loyalty, and perception of the brand. Great internal service creates exceptional experiences for your customers.

Energized, enabled and engaged employees are priceless!

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