What are You Doing to Prep for the Skills Gap AI is Bringing?

Peter PsichogiosLearning

According to Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri, artificial intelligence is creating a skills gap that requires employers to focus on retraining employees.  This shift is a major one that will affect workers in every sector, which is why it is so critical for employers to have a plan in place for how they will skill up their employees for the robot revolution

Almost every employee wants to grow and learn something new in their career, rather than remain stagnant.  That is why it’s so important, if you want to be a great company to work for, if you want to be a company that excels with both their employees and customers, if you want to be a company that leads by example, that you have a focus on employee Learning and Development. 


Addressing AI with Custom eLearning

In order to compete as a human being in the age of AI, your employees are going to need to understand the vision and direction you have for them (and they have for themselves) within the company.  They want to know that they will have the ability to continuously learn and grow so that their skills remain marketable now and in the future.  They want to know that they will remain competitive amongst their peers and colleagues in the industry.  They don’t want to be left behind. 

Custom eLearning can give your employees the soft skills that only they uniquely have as humans to be able to compete with AI.  When they have these soft skills, no matter what happens with their current role, if it’s automated, if its outsourced, etc., they will know that they have the skills, the resilience, the authenticity to be able to skill up for the next revolution in the workforce. 

Since the workforce is changing so quickly and AI is becoming more pervasive, custom learning allows you to provide them with in-time, on-demand learning that is situational to the job they need to do RIGHT NOW, and can continuously grow and evolve for the job they will do in the future. 

Custom learning, also fosters creativity, innovation and outside the box thinking that you might not get with the automation of artificial intelligence, because it is extremely personalized to your growing brand and culture, compared to off the shelf solutions that are created to standardize learning.


How Custom eLearning Can Drive Employee Engagement

Having an exceptional learning program that is custom and personalized for your company can not only be a great tool for your existing employees, but it can be an exceptional recruiting tool. 

Having a custom learning program is an awesome way to set your organization apart in the on-boarding process.  It makes learning interesting and engaging and starts the employee experience off with a spark of energy and personalization! 

A custom eLearning program is set apart from off the shelf learning because it is specifically built around your company brand, culture and values and focuses on your unique business objectives.  By investing in a custom eLearning program (versus off the shelf), it shows that your company values and invests in learning and development, and that you’ve thought seriously about your employees’ growth and learning in the organization by developing custom curriculum to address their employee journey in the organization. 

Lastly, a custom eLearning program is innovative and different, just like your company!  It shows you’ve come to play in the competitive business landscape.  You’re ready to think differently, and to be different than all of the other companies out there who are buying off the shelf. 


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What most people don’t realize about custom eLearning is that as an organization you can actually develop a custom eLearning program for around the same price that it would cost to buy each employee one hard cover book. 


If you’d like to learn more about building a custom eLearning program, get in touch today to chat with us about your learning goals and objectives.  We look forward to hearing from you!