Top 3 Headaches with Employee Engagement Programs (& how to fix them)

1.  Access for Your Employees.  Your managers and employees are busy.  They want and need to be recognized in the moment, day-to-day, at every touch point.  Most employee engagement and learning programs are only accessible from your desktop computer, so you have to make it a point to remember to recognize your talent on an ongoing basis.  Plus, some employees don’t have access to a desktop computer. This can be frustrating for both managers and employees because it can be distracting and time consuming so utilization and engagement suffer. 

The GES Solution: A global/mobile solution - Our solutions are completely mobile capable with a dashboard that is responsive on whatever device you choose, allowing your managers to recognize employees in the moment with a touch of their mobile device, which increases utilization and engagement. The solution also syncs seamlessly across all devices so all transactions are tracked, measured and retained for robust reporting by administrators. 

Additionally, the global/mobile capabilities provide incredible flexibility for your eLearning programs without having to take people off the job – they can simply learn from their mobile device in-time, on-demand, when it is convenient for them.

These mobile and global capabilities aim to make recognition and learning easier and more widespread across your company, in every country. 

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2. Reporting. Navigating your employee engagement reports can be time consuming, tedious and confusing.  Your administrators are already incredibly busy managing many other projects.  Plus, analyzing the data can be confusing.

The GES Solution: Customized Comprehensive Reporting.  We provide you with customized, real-time reports that allow you to track each and every transaction that occurs in the system.  We summarize what the data means for you and your business objectives, areas for improvement and best practices for moving forward.  We work with you to ensure maximum utilization and engagement from your employees.

3. Having to Navigate Yourself.  When it comes to employee engagement programs there are many moving parts that can be very time consuming for your program administrators: from reporting, to technical aspects, to reward redemption, to employee communications and more.

The GES Solution: Concierge Service. Enjoy a hassle-free, seamless experience, as our team handles every program detail for administrators and end users.  We proactively communicate with you, provide you program report summaries and recommendations.  Plus, we proactively communicate with your employees to keep them engaged on an ongoing basis.

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Jennifer Budinsky is the Director, Marketing Communications for Global Engagement Solutions whose mission is to help companies create engaging employee and customer experiences. Prior to joining GES Jennifer was the Communications and Marketing Manager at Green Living Enterprises, Canada’s leading cause marketing and event agency focused on social and environmental program development. She has a Master of Arts in Communication and Social Justice, and Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication, Media and Film from the University of Windsor. She resides in Toronto, Ontario and spends her free time working as an actress on various television and film projects there. Jennifer is an ambassador for encouraging people to create exceptional experiences in every aspect of their lives, from work to home to play!