The Top 4 Things Your Employees Want from Their Learning Program

Peter PsichogiosLearning & Development

When it comes to designing your learning and development program, you want to make sure that it’s designed to effectively engage and motivate your employees to use it.

Here are 4 things learners consistently tell us they want in a Learning and Development program:

  1. To learn in their own language from someone they can relate to. Employees want their learning in their language, not subtitled or voiced over, with culturally relevant examples.  Although your global company serves one umbrella mission and has unified values, learning scenarios, customer problems and internal processes may be different depending on global location.  It is important for learning to take this into consideration to have the best engagement outcomes for all global employees.
  1. Quick. Not Boring. Your employees are busy.  They don’t want to waste time with long, boring, irrelevant content. For them to be highly engaged with your learning program they want their information in short, succinct, bite-sized doses.  This is easier for them to process, practice, and makes for better retention rates, so that they can apply their learning to real-life scenarios. Additionally, when you layer in that short, succinct content over time, repeated and reinforced, I promise you will have significant, measurable learning results.
  1. Content when they want it, where they want it.  To piggy back on the short, succinct delivery, learners want their content in a format that is flexible and convenient for them.  In our fast paced connected world, it is critical for your learning program to be mobile capable, so that your employees can learn in time and on demand, when and where it’s suitable for them.
  1. Skills that they will actually use. Learners want skills that will help them succeed and grow in their current positions. They want skills and competencies that make them more marketable.  To make learning actionable the learner must practice, drill and rehearse in a safe environment, and commit to following up and reinforcing those principles.  You need to spend 10x the amount of time, energy and resources on follow up and reinforce of your learning principles as you do designing and delivering them.

Find out more about GES’s global learning program, which layer skills and competencies in bite-sized doses over time with a focus on action planning and reinforcing the learning principles.  Here’s a quick preview of our learning design below. Contact us for a 10-minute demo to see the learning in action.

global learning program