The Benefits of Customized Learning vs. Off the Shelf

Peter PsichogiosEmployee Development, Learning

Many of the great organizations today realize that it’s critical to train and develop their employees to have the best levels of employee engagement and the best service for their customers.  Learning and development leaders spend a great deal of time, energy and money to find the best learning for their employees.  There is an overabundance of information and learning to choose from, but much of it suffers from high drop-out rates, too much information too fast, and unengaged learners who can neither retain nor retrieve the information they have received. 

That is where custom learning comes in. There are many benefits to creating custom learning for your workforce including, increased engagement and completion levels, increased retention and retrieval from your learners, and better reinforcement of your specific company values, brand, culture and business objectives.  Below we have outlined some of the many benefits of having a Custom Learning Solution in your organization.  Many L&D leaders fear the price tag that might come with custom learning, but once they start doing their research, find that it’s much more cost effective than they thought.

Here are some of the benefits you will experience from having a Custom Learning Program:


Reinforce Your Specific Values and Business Objectives with Custom Content and Competencies

Since Custom learning is personalized for your business, it is therefore designed to reinforce your specific company values.  When you’re able to customize the content of your learning program you can address those challenges that are most important to your company, rather than having generic off-the-shelf content that might not be applicable to your workforce.

For example, with GES’s Customer Learning programs each learner receives a series of customized modules with weekly activities and assignments to reinforce their learning.  They create a personalized action plan about how they will transfer their learning into the workplace, and that action plan is emailed to their manager, which makes them accountable to their colleagues and supervisors. 

Enhance Your Brand and Company Culture

Custom learning is the perfect way to enhance your brand and culture with a tailor designed learning portal that reinforces the look and feel of your brand culture.  It makes the experience feel personalized for your talent.  When organizations spend the effort on learning, and encourage growth, and invest in the future of their employees, the employees are more likely to feel energized, engaged and vibrant about their contribution to the company culture. 

At the core of a company with an aligned culture, is a feeling of engagement, lightness, goodness, and fulfillment, about who you are, what you are doing and how you will do it.

Access When and Where You Need it (In-Time/On-Demand)

Your talent is busy. They want their learning, when they want it — in-time and on-demand. Mobile capabilities are so important in this age of global technology, because not every worker always has access to a desktop computer, especially when you look at the statistics globally.  In addition, employees and leaders are busy, and it’s costly to take them off the job for traditional training and sometimes they just don’t have the time to sit in front of their desktop computer for hours at a time to access their off the shelf learning programs.  Mobile learning and gives employees easy access to their organizational engagement portal 24/7 so they can engage with the platform when it’s convenient for them!   This also allows global organizations to deliver just-in-time training and education that can accelerate results.

For example, GES’s mobile learning interface is multi-platform and multi-language capable, with seamless synchronicity across all devices.  You get the full user experience with full functionality on all devices. Your progress is tracked, measured, retained and stored on the learning management system. 

Real World Application – Reinforce Your Learning with Follow Up and Action Planning

Action planning is important to the learning and development process because It creates momentum and motivation to put the learning into action.  It creates accountability for both the learner and their supervisor because it’s a guide to how to implement the learning in your organization. Read more about Why Action Planning is the Key for Successful Learning.

Personalized Action Planning is a unique feature to GES’s learning solutions.  The action plans include application focused exercises for you to implement and discuss during your leadership meetings.

More Respectful to Your Employees (Personalization)

When you create custom content, it is more respectful and engaging for your employees because you can personalize it.  Employees have told us that the one size fits all learning programs that have voice-over, subtitles, etc. leave them feeling unengaged.  They reject these programs and consider them to be boring, long, and disrespectful since it has not been customized or made culturally relevant for them.  Instead, global organizations need to create Learning content that is spoken in the native language, delivered with cultural sensitivity and relevance, without voice overs or subtitles.

For example, GES’s global learning is created in language (no voiceover) and is culturally relevant. 

Read more about the Top 4 Global Learning Needs, Solved. 

Improved Engagement and ROI

When you invest in your talent and provide them with a whole new set of skills and competencies that they can seamlessly add to their toolbox, this makes them more valuable to serve both your internal and external customers.

When your team is more engaged they are likely to have better communication, be more productive and have better internal and external service. This all translates to more efficient sales and service, and increases your bottom line. Companies with low engagement scores earn an operating income 32.7 percent lower than companies with more engaged employees, whereas companies with a highly engage workforce experience a 19.2 percent growth in operating income over a 12-month period (MacLeod & Clarke)

Global Engagement Solutions creates custom learning solutions for our clients that are developed based on your specific business initiatives and objectives.  The Learning can be developed for any content or topic areas you have to drive your business initiatives such as Sales Training, Customer Service and Retention, Leadership Training, and much more.  We also specialize in translating your existing in person learning to an online, mobile environment.  If you’d like to chat more about creating a custom learning program for your organization get in touch at [email protected] or book a demo here.