Re-skilling the Workforce to Prepare for Technology

Peter PsichogiosLearning & Development, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

No matter what you do, no matter who you do it for, no matter how much you get paid, robots and technology are going to affect your job again and again.

Technology impacts every aspect of our lives. It can make our lives better and more efficient – from computers doing complicated calculations, to being able to skype with a loved one from afar, to ordering your favourite meal delivery without having to make a phone call (and much, much more).

Conversely, technology can have a negative impact on our relationships and ability to connect with other humans meaningfully, impacting our privacy, and disrupting the workforce by making some jobs obsolete.

That is why it is critical for leaders and independent contributors to focus on re-skilling their workforce to stay ahead of the technology curve.  Technology is fast and always developing and growing, so it’s important that your workforce is always learning, re-skilling and innovating to remain relevant.

One way you can do this interpersonally is with personalized service interactions.  Technology has raised our expectations of service – setting a precedent of being able to access everything within arm’s reach.  But more and more people are craving personalized interactions that only humans can provide.  When you personalize your service interactions, you provide an experience no robot can provide.

Another way to stay ahead of the technology curve is to make innovation a core principle of your organization.  It helps to revisit your goals and mission regularly (not just once a year), this way you can assess what is going on in your industry, locally, globally and pivot to stay at the top of your professional game.

Lastly, protect your job from technology and robots by committing to ongoing personal and professional development.  Network with other leaders, read about what is going on with the economy, and keep up to date with the trends in your industry.  This will allow you to assess where you need to update your knowledge and what areas to focus on with regards to learning and development when re-skilling your workforce.

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