Personalization Principle #4: Commitment

Peter PsichogiosCustomer Experience, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

As we explore the synchronicity and necessary harmony between the seven Personalization Principles (click here to read Principle 1 Authenticity, Principle 2 Hospitality, Principle 3 Empathy), the answer to the question, are you committed, is paramount to your personalization and customer service success.

You can be authentic, you can be empathetic, you can be hospitable, you can show all the ability and competence and you can be fun and friendly, however if you are not committed then all the rest of those principles lack efficacy.

When I ask the question; Are you committed it means are you willing to do what it takes, no matter what?

  • Are you committed to your team?
  • Are you committed to your company?
  • Are you committed to your vision?
  • Are you committed to living your values each and every day even when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient?
  • Are you committed to keeping your promises?

Remember, there is a huge difference between commitment and interest.

One of my favorite analogies to demonstrate the difference between commitment and interest is that of a runner.  An interested runner wakes up in the morning and he or she has planned a five mile run for the day. But, when the runner wakes up they see it is raining.  So, they roll over and go back to bed because they lack commitment.  They are just an interested runner.  A committed runner wakes up the same morning, sees that it is raining, puts on their waterproof hat, rain gear, straps on their shoes and runs their five miles.

It is easy in life and in customer service when everything is bright and sunny. The question is — are you so committed that you will show up in a positive, productive fashion even if things are cloudy or rainy?

When the chips are down, committed people win because they are willing to do whatever it takes. Unfortunately, interested people lose. In the business world they will be commoditized.

My hope for you is that you are committed and not interested.

Commitment 7PP

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