If You’re Not Changing You’re Not Growing

Peter PsichogiosLeadership, Learning & Development

Change is the cornerstone of growth and all great breakthroughs in life and in business.

If you’re not changing, you’re not learning and growing.  As a leader, it is crucial for you and your employees to be open and committed to always changing and growing, because it will allow you to reflect and pivot when things are not going so well, and flourish with the momentum when they are.

New York Times Best-selling author, and #1 Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith said that leaders should commit to choosing change rather than being compliant and committed to a path that no longer serves them.

To be a great leader you must commit to choosing change and saying — I do what I do because I choose to, not because I have to.

Goldsmith says, the more committed we are to a path the harder it is to admit, that it is the wrong path. A great leader is willing to let go of projects that do not work.

Change can be scary and uncomfortable at first, but being compliant and stuck on a path that no longer works can literally suck the life out of you.

Remember, if you’re not changing it really means you’re not growing.

When have you decided to choose change and how did it serve you?  Or rather, is there a time you didn’t choose to change and got stuck on a path that didn’t serve you?

I’d love to hear your personal stories — share in the comments below!