If You Are a Leader You Better Not Suck at Recognition

Peter PsichogiosLeadership

Ineffective managers wait until the end of the quarter or year-end review to recognize and celebrate their employees. Inspirational leaders have learned to catch people doing things right, moment by moment.

Inspirational leaders know that skills are what their associates want as recognition. They want skills that will make them more promotable and more marketable for the future.

Inspirational leaders recognize the desired business results. They reward valued behaviors and integrate customer success into their associates success.

The best leaders catch their people doing things right day-to-day, minute-by-minute. All the time.

When it comes to recognition and engagement, we believe that one size fits one.

It is important that rewards and recognition are personalized to meet the preferences and motivation of each individual employee.

Plus, recognizing in the moment (not just once a year or quarter) is a key factor to creating a sustainable recognition program.  There are many everyday activities that take place where, as a leader, you have an opportunity to engage your employees with recognition.  These moments are the turning points that either detract from engagement or enhance engagement.

Don’t pollute the winner’s circle with low performers. Be sure to recognize exceptional performance in these moments. Your employees will see this and it will motivate them to strive for excellence at every touch point with their internal colleagues and external customers.

This focus on creating employee engagement through employee recognition at every moment should not be related to good times or bad times. Recognition should be a business constant.

The bottom line is your behaviors as a leader impact engagement.  As a leader, how you recognize and engage your employees will impact your business performance.

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