How We Can Work with Artificial Intelligence to Create Exceptional Experiences

Peter PsichogiosCustomer Experience, Employee Development, Learning

AI has really transformed in recent years from being just about programming/automating existing knowledge and data, to being able to reason and learn new information and offer human solutions.  It is for this reason that Ginni Rometty, President and CEO of IBM prefers to call it “cognitive computing”? instead of artificial intelligence.  She says, “It’s the idea that each of us are going to need help on all important decisions.

According to the same article only 20% of the world’s data is searchable, which means 80% resides within us humans (Murphy, 2017).  When we evolve technology to be able to reason and learn, this opens a whole new world of possibilities in knowledge work, research, and service.

Many people have a fear of technology overtaking human jobs and displacing many workers.  While this will likely happen to some degree, we argue that is why it’s critical to work on Re-skilling the Workforce to Prepare for Technology.   In relation to this Rometty says, “The issue of skills is front and center in this country and many countries in the world right now without AI. We already have a world that’s bifurcating between haves and have-nots, and a lot of that is based on education and skills. This country has 5 million to 6 million jobs open. That’s about skill. This is not being caused by AI. We’ve got to revamp education for this era of man and machine.

How to Train Your Workforce to Work With AI

If you’re an organization in an industry that integrates technology and automation as part of the workforce, it’s so important to foster a culture of innovation and growth with your people.  This means providing them with ongoing training and learning so that they can grow within your organization as you adapt to the use of technology.

One major skill that technology and automation can never replace from humans, is that of personalized customer service.  Sure, a chat bot can answer questions and perform basic service tasks based on smart algorithms, but it is not a replacement for the human to human service your talent can offer.  Read more about What You Should Know About AI and Customer Service here. 

Focus on Soft Skills Development

If you are a learning and development leader, training your workforce to have exceptional soft skills is an essential part of keeping your internal and external service at the highest levels.  Hard skills are the ones that are constantly changing with technology, and most of those can be learned and adapted on demand, so by focusing on developing their soft skills, you will be creating a diverse workforce of employees who are committed to creating awesome experiences no matter what the technological landscape looks like. You can read more about these soft skills I am referring to in There Is A Lack of Soft Skills And It’s Costing Millions

How We Can Help

GES develops custom learning programs for global organizations, that are designed specifically to address your unique business goals and objectives.  This can include training and development for both hard and soft skills.  We have developed programs in almost every industry, across a range of content and competencies such as Sales Training, Customer Service, Service Retention, Leadership Development, and much more.  Get in touch at [email protected] if you’d like to learn more about how we can help reskill your workforce to adapt and grow with evolving technology.  Or read more about our Global Learning services here.