How To Keep Your Employees and Attract New Ones

Peter PsichogiosLearning & Development, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

The research is in and it’s loud and clear that organizations are struggling to both keep their talent and keep their talent engaged.  In fact, 51% of employees are actively looking for a new job.  Plus, 91% said the last time they switched jobs, they left their employer to do so (Gallup).

This is a major problem for employers because employee turnover can cost anywhere from 30-400% of an employee’s salary (depending on their seniority and level of specialization) (TLNT).

So how can you keep your current employees happy and engaged and attract new ones?

The key is in providing them with opportunities for learning and development within your organization.   Learning and development is consistently listed as one of the key drivers of employee engagement.  Your talent want to learn new skills and competencies that will make them more marketable now while they are with you, and for wherever they may go in future.

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When you focus on engaging your employees with learning and development opportunities (in addition to monetary and non-monetary recognition), you are building a company culture that says that you care about them as human beings, and not just profit making machines.

In order to attract new talent, the stories being told by your internal and external customers must be exceptional.  Creating these exceptional stories starts by building your internal culture and engaging your employees.

There are many perks and benefits that you can implement in your organization in order to effectively engage your talent.  Read more about the Top 6 Benefits and Perks to Engage your Talent here.

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