How To Identify a Bosshole

Peter PsichogiosLeadership, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

Gone are the days of people merely being thankful for having a job.  Employees now feel more empowered to find an organization that has a good work-life balance and the cultural fit that they’re looking for.  That being said, it is critical for leaders and managers to spend the time to create an exceptional internal experience for their employees, otherwise they will never have an exceptional customer experience.

Does this all sound familiar to you?  Are you currently working for a bosshole who doesn’t care about anything but the bottom line?  Or perhaps you recognize some of these characteristics in yourself!?

Here are a few things a Bosshole might do and some tips on how to fix them!

Bosshole: Forgets to say thank you and recognize their employees for exceptional work.

The fix: There’s nothing more important than recognizing people at every touch point. Recognition sets the foundation of respect and appreciation. Recognition can range from monetary rewards to non-monetary recognition such as a simple thank you or recognizing an employee in front of their peers. Whatever you do, don’t wait for the once a year review to recognize your people, or else those great people to recognize will find somewhere else to be appreciated.  For more information on how to recognize your employees at every touch point check out If You’re a Leader You Better Not Suck at Recognition.

Bosshole: Doesn’t provide feedback to employees on an ongoing basis.

The fix: If you want your employees to provide exceptional internal service with their colleagues and external service with your customers, you must be sure to set up your expectations for performance and provide them with ongoing feedback at every touch point.  If you surprise your employees with negative feedback at an annual review, you have already missed out on many opportunities to improve your service experience.

Bosshole: Takes credit for their employee’s hard work.

The fix: If you want to be the kind of leader and manager employees will stay for and positively refer others, you should develop a mentality of service. You are there to serve your employees and remove obstacles that get in the way of their service. When you have a servant attitude you will be happy to recognize and celebrate the hard work of your employees because it is a direct reflection of your awesome leadership!

Bosshole: Micro-manages tasks and projects.

The fix: Focus on giving your employees the skills and competencies they need to excel in their role.  You should also be sure to hire employees who interpersonal skills that you can trust to give them autonomy and authority to make good decisions that fit within the values of your organization.

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