How to Earn Your Customer’s Loyalty

Peter PsichogiosCustomer Experience, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

You need to influence, motivate and engage your customers to create sustained loyalty.

Earning your customers’ loyalty starts with creating exceptional customer experiences at every touch point.  The first step is having great internal service cooperation, and providing your employees with learning and development to enable them to better serve your customers. 

Earning customer loyalty is simple, but it’s not always easy.  It takes dedication from your leaders, continuous effort from employees, and a commitment from your organization to align your organization on all levels.

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Here are a few of the simple principles to follow to earn your customer’s loyalty:

  • Personalize your interactions and treat each customer uniquely as they want to be treated.
  • Be authentic with every customer. Nobody likes dealing with a fake person. Be yourself and be real with them.
  • Be friendly! This might seem like a given, but friendliness does not come naturally to every person.  If you are an employer it is critical to hire employees that embody friendliness — it can’t be trained, it is learned from a young age.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively to set realistic expectations.
  • Then, exceed customer expectations every time. Always go the extra mile for your customers!
  • Honor your commitments. Follow through and do what you say you will.
  • Provide them with fast, hassle-free service.
  • Reward them with incentives to return and recommend!

It takes commitment and focus to understand that each interaction with your customers is an opportunity to create delight.  But when you create exceptional experiences at every touch point, you will earn decades of loyalty.

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