How Competence Affects Your Employee Engagement Levels

Peter PsichogiosLearning & Development, Recognition & Engagement Leadership

OfficeVibe has released a report that shows The Global & Real-Time State of Employee Engagement.  They found that organizations are not helping their employees enough to learn and grow.  In fact, 53% of employees say they haven’t improved their skills significantly in the past year (OfficeVibe, 2016).

This is a huge problem for organizations because learning and development is one of the key drivers of employee engagement.  If your employees are not given the opportunity to continuously improve their skills to make themselves more marketable (now and in the future), one of two things will happen: 1. their engagement levels will drop (or remain low), and they will give mediocre performance or 2. they will leave you for someone who will invest in their future and development.  Both options have dire consequences for your organization.

Why do employees want learning opportunities?  When you provide your employees with learning they feel acknowledged and they feel connected to your company’s growth and vision.  When you invest in your employees, they will want to invest their motivation and energy back in to your organization.  This sense of purpose motivates them to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

Plus, when you invest in your employees’ skills and competencies, they will be able to provide better service internally with their colleagues and externally with your customers, both of which improve your bottom line with increased productivity, loyalty, and sales.

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