Five Ideas to Create and Sustain Employee Engagement

Five Ideas to Create and Sustain Employee Engagement

Peter PsichogiosEmployee Engagement

We talk about employee engagement so often in the workplace, but many managers and leaders are unsure of how they can really engage their employees. Here are five ideas to create and sustain employee engagement:

Recognition: We all know it’s important to recognize our employees. We also often forget to do so. Employees want to be recognized for producing good results. The best companies provide daily recognition to their employees. When was the last time you provided recognition?

Learning and Development: Creating employee engagement without learning and development is like planting a seed in cement and hoping it will grow. For today’s employees, especially the younger generation, learning and development is the new currency for getting ahead. The best organizations constantly provide learning opportunities for their employees.

Culture: Employees want a collaborative, not competitive, work culture. Is your culture creating discretionary energy? When an organization creates a positive environment, it is no surprise that engagement levels increase.

Purpose: Graduating students and employees alike say making a difference in their job is a priority. The key to creating engagement is creating meaningful work. When organizations focus on providing meaningful work along with the right learning and development, engagement always improves.

Autonomy: Employees value feeling empowered at work. They want to have a say in their job and how to get it done. To some managers, it’s a threat for them to give employees autonomy because they feel it is giving away part of their responsibilities. When you give autonomy, you also get with that buy in and responsibility. If you want the best from employees, let them be a part of coming up with the solution to create the experience that’s going to make a difference with a colleague or a customer.