A Healthy Culture Makes for Healthy Employees

Peter PsichogiosRecognition & Engagement Leadership

At the core of employee engagement is a feeling of lightness, goodness, and fulfillment, about who you are, what you are doing and how you will do it. When these feelings don’t align, it’s quite possible that you need to examine the culture of your organization to align its mission, vision and values to achieve employee engagement.

Here are a few ideas to help you create a healthy culture that makes for healthy and engaged employees.

Aligning your organizational culture and beliefs should start with listening to your employees. Truly listen to what your employees say are obstacles that get in the way of them doing their job and how you can remove those obstacles. This often takes the form of removing outdated policies and procedures and giving your employees autonomy to make good decisions that are aligned with your company’s values.

Foster and encourage life-long learning opportunities. When organizations encourage growth, and invest in the future of their employees, the employees are more likely to feel energized, engaged and vibrant about their contribution to the company.

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Create a culture of inclusion and diversity. Make sure you have policies in place that protect from harassment and mistreatment of all individuals in your organization. Plus, when you focus on diversity as your strength, you will create a culture of inclusion through living by example.

Ensure a safe work environment. Make sure your employees are trained and aware of the occupational health and safety practices and procedures. Encourage and enforce a safe environment by rewarding safety with your employee recognition platform.

Encourage friendly competition when it comes to health and wellness. Integrate a wellness program as part of your employee recognition platform. When your employees feel good from the inside out, their performance will reflect that.

When you create healthy work culture, you will have healthy, happy and engaged employees that will create all kinds of ROI for your organization, including higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved morale and relationships, decreased stress, increased retention, and increased recruitment.

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