A Deeper Look into Our Global Learning Solution

Planning. Reinforcement. Accountability.

Each learner in your organization will receive customized modules with weekly activities and assignments to reinforce learning; they’ll also create an action
plan for transferring their knowledge into the workplace.

Education is like a house – you need a solid foundation. Legacy educational systems focus on a fast and furious approach to sharing content, but we believe in a layered learning approach that helps your employees learn content effectively and integrate it into their daily tasks. From an organizational standpoint, this ensures consistency and scalability to reach your distributed workforce effectively.

Planning. Reinforcement. Accountability
Our Global Learning solution - our platform

It's About You

Our Global Learning solution is customized to your needs, value proposition, and business cases. Our Global Learning isn’t recycled from client to client but tailored to the educational points important to your organization.

Our Learning Design

We operate on a layered-learning design.

This begins with Checking In, which is a quick assessment of the learners’ knowledge on a topic, showing us where the learner is starting from.

Next are the Lessons, which are engaging and delivered in short interactive video segments. Short lessons help learners stay engaged without compromising learning – each segment is packed with in-depth, valuable content (no fluff) that drives the lessons home and integrates messaging by your senior leaders.

Lessons are only as valuable as they’re reinforced, which is why we implement Experiences, an opportunity to practice and rehearse the skills and competencies learned in the Lessons section.

After Experiences, it’s time to Check Back and assess knowledge retention with our Global Learning system’s built-in measurements and tracking capabilities.

Last is an Action Plan, which includes an application-focused commitment from the learner that guarantees the transfer of skills and knowledge into the workplace. Action plans are commonly used in leadership and team meetings to share ideas. This step is personalized to the learner and reinforces accountability; the learner’s supervisor will receive a copy of the plan, so they know what the learner has set forth for themselves.

layered-learning design

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